Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Friends

Breakup Tips

How to create the biggest doubt in your lover's mind for you?
Very Simple :)

Just suddenly SMS him/her

"I Love You too"

Strange but True

A great proverb which will really make you think..


What is Unreasonable Demand?

Two south African's wearing black suits and standing in front of a white wall and asking for a colored photograph  :)))))

Most Innocent Prayer

A little girl was praying on her birthday "Oh Lord on this birthday of mine please send clothes for all those poor women in my brother's Laptop."  :)

Suspense of life

You always know "For Whom" you are praying but you never know "The person who is praying for you!"
I hate it when someone hurts my friends. not because i feel for them but because when they are hurt, they become sad and when they become sad....

Saale bahut bakwaas karte hai :))))))

Joke of the Day

AUTOWALA -- Saab!  30 Rupee hue.

Santa -- le 15 rupee.

AUTOWALA -- Saab ye to beimani hai

Santa -- abe beimani kaisi???? Saale tu bhi to baith ke aaya hai..aadhe tu de :)))

Most Painful Moments in Life

1) Loving friend avoiding you without reason.
2) Dear one suddenly stop messaging you.
3) Friends calling on Birthday but not wishing.
4) The person whom you never forget in life forgets you permanently.

5) Attending the marriage of lover.

Nice Quote

When someone cares for us, we think they are boring us.
But when we really need them, someone else have already liked their boring care ....:)

Funny Lines

A Frog asked an Astrologer "Please tell my future"

Astrologer: A young smart girl will touch you.

Frog: Wow! great!! but when and where?

Astrologer: Next semester in Biology lab :)))))))))

1. I won't take cell phones to class

on Saturdays and Sundays! :)))

2. I will study the topics every night

before each exam! :)))

3. I will listen to the lectures carefully 

only when they are about holidays! :)))

4. I will not encourage mass bunk

when i am already on leave! :)))

5. I will not let my friends do the ragging

alone! :)))
Height of "Ohh Shit.." like situation.

A guy takes blade and writes his girlfriend name on his arm.




makes a spelling mistake....:))))

Beautiful Lines

A man asked God,"I Want Peace"
God replied,"Remove the 'I', that is Ego; Remove the 'Want', that is Desire; and 'Peace' will be automatically yours."

Today's Quote

Here's a line that very few understand :

Tears don't come when you miss a person.
But it comes when you don't want to miss a person....!!!

Funny but True

In the corridors of mall why do boys hold hands of their girlfriend because if they will leave then girl will run away in shops for shopping.It looks romantic but its economic...:)))

For My Best Buddies

Someday if i die.
Don't think i left you.
Just have look towards the sky,
My tear will be a raindrop on your cheek to say
I Still Miss You !!!

My True Friends

My Life means alot to me...Not because i love my life but because i love the peoples in my life.
World Says, They are called "Friends" but i call them my "World"

Beautifull Lines

God : Why is your heart bleeding?
Girl: Because i am writing on it the name of the boy whom i love
God: But why??
Girl: Because you forget to write his name in my destiny.....!!!

Joke of the Day

Teacher: What is your father?
Santa: I.C.S. in Summer & P.C.S. in Winter.
Teacher: What's that?
Santa: Ice Cream Seller in Summer & Pakoda Chai Seller in Winter  :)))

Today's Quote

Agar zindagi ke mod par jab tumhe koi faisla karna ho to apne dil ki baat suno, Kyunki dil bhale hee "LEFT" me ho magar decision hmesha "RIGHT" hota hai.

Sweet Quote

An Aeroplane is Always Safe at Ground But It's not Made for That.
So Always Take Some Meaningful Risks in Life to Achieve Great Pleasure...!!

Today's Quote

We can live without religion and meditation but we can not survive without human affection...

Sad Shayari

Fer ohi gum,ohi sham,te shraab ohi,Mere naal teri purani yaad ohi..
Ek din aiwen sajjan mil baithe,Khulli mohabataan d purani kitab ohi..
Nazar tk k usnu takdiyaan hi reh gayian,dilkash hasina da katil andaaz ohi,
Mai ta aiwen hi puchh baitha swaal ik,Mera swaal ohi te usda jawab ohi...!!!

Always Think Positive

In life,if people criticize you,hurts you,shouts at you,don't be bothered....Just remember "in every game audience make the noise,not the players"..

Shayari Time

Ik dil c ohnu de dita,Nit na dil wtaye jande,
Eh rooh de sodhe hunde ne,nahi jisma naal nibhae jande,
Jo vas jande is dil andar o yar ni kde bhulaye jande..

Today's Quote

Distances never separate any relation,time never breaks any relation..if feelings are true from heart then friends are always friends forever!

Shayari Time

Jis aas te khadi hove zindgi,oh aas na chknachur hove,
Kehna pave apne aap nu doshi,banda ina na kde majbur hove,
Ohde haase te kde na shuk kariye,jehda hasna he dastoor hove,
Jo sache dilon kise di khushi mange,rubba oss dil ton khushi kde naa door hove..

Today's Quote

Troubles are a part of our life, If you don't share them with some one whom you love and whom you care.
You are taking away a chance for them to love you...

Today's Quote

A good communicator not only knows what to speak, how to speak, when to speak, but also knows when to be silent and listen.

A Little But Sweet Love Story

Girl: Dekh maine naya cell liya,
Boy: Waah, Chal "Taj" me Party de,
In Evening, They went to "Taj Palace Hotel",
After Completion Dinner...
Boy: Oye...How did you manage money for this kind of hotel?
Girl: Cell bech diya, tere se zyada kya hai mere liye dumbo...:))))

Joke of the Day

Girl: Dear What the Difference between personal and secret?

Boy: Dear, You are my lover that is personal and your friend is also my lover.That is secret....:))))

True Words

Coins always make sound, But the currency notes are always silent. So, when your value increases, Keep yourself calm and silent.

Today's Quote

Your Problem is never really your problem; Your reaction to your problem is your problem

Today's Quote

Lips don't join when you say "I LOVE YOU", try it..its the sign of DISTANCE.


When you say "FRIENDSHIP" lips will join, Its a sign of togetherness.

Today's Quote

Relation are not an exam to pass or fail, Its not a competition to win or lose.
Its a feeling in which you care for someone more than yourself..!!!!

Nvr Ignore Any Msg

Dere Ws A Guy Who Was Tired Of Reading His Gf's Msgs Wch Always Contaned I Luv U,Mis U Or Hve U Taken Ur Meal?????etc..1 Nite While Layng On Bed He Rcvd Msg From Her Bt He Did Nt Bother 2 Read It N Went 2 sleep...Nxt Day He Got A Call from His Gf's Mom Saying Dat "Her Daughter Killd Last Nyt"He Den Read Da Msg In Wch It Was Written""Honey Plz Cum Here N Help Sum1 's Following Me"Dis Is D Msg 2 Boys & Girls Who R In Luv Nvr Ignore Any Msg ...Spcly from ur Luvd 1s...Read it...Wen U Rcv It..

Teri Ulfat

Teri Ulfat Ko Kabhi Nakkam Na Hone Denge,
Tere Pyaar Ko Kabhi Badnaam Naa Hone Denge,
Meri Zindagi Mein Kabhi Suraj Nikle Naa Nikle,
Teri Zindagi Mein Kabhi Shaam Naa Hone Denge.

Sweet Insult

Ek Ladka gadhe ke samne gir gya.Ek khubsurat ladki ne dekha aur kha "Apne bade bhai ke pair chhu rahe ho?"
Ladka : Ji Bhabi Ji  :)))

Height of Innocence

A girl praying on new year eve, "Dear Lord this new year please send clothes for those poor ladies who are in my friend's laptop...:)"

Joke of the Day

(Raam Lela shuru hon ton pehla)

Ravan: Ram 1 bidi dede.
Ram: chal-chal, apna bandal khridla

(Raam lela shuru hon to baad)

Ram: Ravan, Seeta dede
Ravan: kyu tu bidi diti c :))))

Today's Quote

Every person around you is going to heart you. At some point of time, but its upto you to decide what is important, the PAIN or the PERSON.

Nice Lines

Phool se pucha gaya "tune to di hai khushbu tujhe kya mila?" Phool ne kha - "Dene k badle lena to vyapar hai, Jo dekar bhi kuch na mange vahi to PAYAR hai..!!!"

Joke of the Day

Santa: My wife died yesterday..I am trying to cry but tears are not coming out,what to do?
Banta: No Problem...Just Imagine she came back :))))) 

Always Remember

Don't Love the Love unless the Love Loves you and if the Love Loves you, Love the Love in such a way that it doesn't love anybody else....!!!

Joke Zone

Santa ne bus me ek ladki ko chhed diya..

Ladki : Tumhaare ghar mein Maa behan nahi hai kya..

Santa: Kya pta, mein to subah se ghar se bahar hu  :)))

Joke of the Day

A Girl to his Boy Friend

Es week roz shopping krege..
Next week roz movie dekhege..

Boy Friend : Uske agle week roz mandir jayege...

GF: Kyu??

Boy Friend : Bhikh mangne  :)))

Beautifull Lines

God : Why is your heart bleeding?
Girl: Because i am writing on it the name of the boy whom i love.
God: But Why??
Girl: Because you forget to write his name in my destiny...:(

Strange Reality

Sometimes Peoples are Nothing..You Make them Something !!!
When They Become Something..They Feel that You are Nothing !!!

Today's Quote

Full stop  is not end, because we can write a new sentence after it. Same in life, Failure is not the real end, but it can be a real beginning of success....!!!

Joke of the Day

Girl (Boyfriend se) : Ab hume shaadi kar leni chahiye.
Boyfriend: Voh to theek hai..par humse shaadi krega kaun? :)))

What should teachers learn from us ?

'Consistency' - Once a Zero, always a zero result !!
'Voice Modulation' - From shouting proxy in 4 different voices !!
'Presentation Skill' - To present same answer in 5 different ways for 5 different questions !!
'Art' - From the benches of classroom !!
'Stamina' - Its not easy to hear them for a full hour !!
'Humanity' - Giving others chance to top the class !!
'Respect' - We always call them ''Sir" when they are around !!

Joke of the Day

Santa: Train me raat bhar neend nahi aayi, upar ki seat mili thi, garmi bahut thi...
Banta: To exchange kar leta...
Santa: Kis se karta yar niche ki seat pe koi aaya hi nahi.. :))))))

Today's Quote

Giving someone all your love is never an assurance that they will love you back!! Don't expect love in return; just wait for it to grow in their heart, but if it doesn't , be content it grew in yours. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, a day to love someone but it takes a life time to forget someone...!!!

True Words

We grow old filled with regrets
For things not done
For words not said
For love not shown
Life's too short buddy
Do What makes you happy today...!!!

Height of Far Sighted..An Interesting Story

Once an old man was waiting for a train, sitting on a bench. A young boy came to him and asked the time.Old man refused to tell the time. Boy insisted again and again but old man denied again and again. Boy asked the reason ? Old man said if i tell you the time, then you will ask about me, my name, job, etc. Then i will ask about you, both of us will be frank. By chance you may get the seat with me. Then you may get down at my station. My daughter will come to receive me. She will meet you. She is beautiful. You may fall in love with her, she too. Then she may insist to marry you, even may threaten me. And i am so sorry that i don't want such a poor Son-in-law who hasn't his own watch to see the time.. ;))))

College Days

Classroom is just like a train:

1st 3 benches are VIP Executive Coach,
Middle 3 benches are General Compartments
The last 3 benches are Sleeper :)))))))

Joke of the Day

Santa: Mujhe uss ladki se bachao..
Banta: Kyu...???
Santa: Jabse maine kha "Dil cheer k dekh tera hi naam hoga"
Saali Chaaku le k pichhe hi pad gayi......:)))))))))

Why does love hurts?

Is it because we love Someone more than Ourself...?


Its because we trust them so much that we forget to Trust Ourself.. :)

True Friends

They love you but they are not your lover...
They care for you but they are not from your family...
They are ready to share your pain but they are not in your blood relation....
They are FRIENDS.

A True friend scolds like a Dad!
Cares like a Mom!
Teases like a Sister!
Irritates like a Brother! and
Finally Loves you more than a lover....!!!

Secret to be Happy

Forget your own sadness by creating a little happiness for others..Because when you are good to others, you are best to yourself......

by Love n Fun Blog

Cute Love Story

Once an old man and lady recalled their young days.
Old man: Lets us go for date as we used to go in young days.
Old lady get excited and said yes and they decided the place for dating.
On the decided time the old man reached there and waited for 2 hrs nut lady didn't come.
He came back frustrated and saw the lady sitting on the sofa.
He asked her why didn't you come?
She said shyly " mom didn't allow "

Joke of the Day

Santa sharab peete peete ronelaga,
Banta: kya hua kyu ro rhe ho??
Santa: yar jis ladki ko bhulane k liye pee raha tha, 
Uska naam yaad nahi aa rha...:))))

Joke of the Day

Santa: Doctor Kya Tum Bina Dard Kiye Daant Nikaal Sakte ho???
Doctor: Nooo....
Santa: Mai Nikaal Sakta hu...
Doctor: Kaise...???

Santa: he he he he he ......:)))))

Happy Love Month

Its the Month of Kisses, Surprises, Proposals and Dates, Chocolates and Gifts, Hugs and Love Songs

Its February !!!!

Wishing you a Love filled Valentine Month <3

Joke of the Day

Tom: saale ! 1 laat marunga mumbai ja k girega !!!
John: mein marunga to america me girega !!!

Santa: bhai mujhe dhire se 1 laat maro...paas k gaon jana hai....!!!

True Words

Why do we have so many Temples, if God is everywhere?

A wise man said : Air is everywhere, but we still need a fan to feel it...!!!

Happy Rose Day

Wish you all a very very Happy Rose Day Friends

Joke of the Day

Teacher to Santa : Jehde insaan nu sun da nahi,os nu english vich ki kehan ge?
Santa : Jo marzi keh lo ji..Ohnu kehda sun na ae..:))))

Valentine Cakes

Valentine Greetings


What is Life?

Life is not just waiting someone who is made for you,
Life is living for someone who lives because of you...!!!!

Love Quote

Love is not a word
Not merely a relationship
It is a silent promise which says

"I Was"
"I Am"
"I Will be"

with you forever......!!!


Wen I Got Enough Confidence ...THE STAGE WS GONE>>.

.Wen Winning Didnt Matter To Me ,I WON...

Wen I Needed People The Most THEY LEFT ME......

Wen I Learned To Dry My Tear,I FOUND A SHOULDER 2 Cry,

Wen I Masterd D Degree Of Hating ...SMBDY STARTED LOVING MR...Dats Wat I Call Life....

Valentine's Gifts and Valentine's Cards

Sweet Valentine's Teddy Bears

Beautifull Sher

Je Naa Hasdi Je Naa Takdi,
Pehli Takni Vch Hi Visaar  Dindi,
Na Dil Tudda Naa Dard Hunda,
Je Pehla Hi Es "FAKEER"Nu Thokar Mar Dindi


Big Fights Usually Break RELATIONS But MINOR...
Misunderstandings Spoil RELATIONS....
Nd The Fact Is Spoiled Relations R More Painful Den Broken Ones!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Friend Like U Is Very Rare..
Your Joy Nd Ur Pain I Want 2 Share..
Truly and Deeply I Really Do Care..
4ever And Ever I Will Always  b There..

Valentine's Day Sweet Love Quotes

Valentine's Day Sweet Love Quotes


If music be the food of luv, play on.
- Shakespeare

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.
- Robert Browning

Luv is the enchanted dawn of every heart.
- Lamartine

Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without having asked any clear question.
- Albert Camus (1913-1960)

It's not the men in my life that count -- it's the life in my men.
- Mae West (1892-1980)

One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
- Rita Mae Brown

Never judge some1 by who he's in luv with; judge him by his friends. People fall in luv with the most appalling people. Take a cool, appraising glance at his pals.
- Cynthia Heimel

Luv is much nicer to be in than an automobile accident, a tight girdle, a higher tax bracket, or a holding pattern over Philadelphia.
- Judith Viorst

At the touch of Luv every one becomes a poet.
- Plato

Luv may not make the world go round, but I must admit that it makes the ride worthwhile.
- Sean Connery

Luv doesn't grow on trees like apples in Eden - it's something you have to make. And you must use your imagination too.
- Joyce Cary

Luv is like the measles; we all have to go through it.
- Jerome K. Jerome

One advantage of marriage, it seems to me, is that when you fall out of luv with him, or he falls out of luv with you, it keeps you together until maybe you fall in again.
- Judith Viorst

Luv is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties.
- Jules Renard

To luv oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.
- Oscar Wilde

It is never too late to fall in luv.
- Sandy Wilson

Valentine Day Quotes

Time is tooo slow 4 those who w8t, tooo swift 4 those who fear, tooo long 4 those who grieve, tooo short 4 those who rejoice, but 4 those who love, time is eternity.

- Henry Van Dyke

Valentine Day Quotes

Any1 can catch ur eye, but it takes some1 special to catch ur heart.

Beautifull Valentine Wallpapers

Valentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day WallpapersValentine Day Wallpapers

Joke of the Day

Santa ke ghar me ek billi rehti thi...Santa tang aake use kahi chodd aaya...Ghar aaya to billi pehle ghar ponch chuki thi..Santa dobara use door chodd aaya..Billi fir usse pehle ghar ponch gyi...Santa got angry...Ab billi ko bahut hee door chodd ne gya...Wahan se wife ko phone kiya - billi ghar paunch gyi k nahi??

Wife - Ponch gyi hai..

Santa : Us kamini se bol mujhe aa ke le jaye..Mein rasta bhool gya hoon :)))

Joke of the Day

Santa: Dad Apne Padosi ki Ladki ko English nahi aati,

Father: Tujhe Kaise Pta?????

Santa: Maine Kha "GIVE ME A SWEET KISS" to Thappad Maar Kar Chali Gyi :))))


Hora Vangu Tainu Dil Cho Kad V Sakde C,
Ishqe Da bootta Apne Hatho Vad V Sakde C,
Pr Ki Kariye Tu Jaan Hai Saddi......
Nai Tah Duniya Vangu Tainu Chad V Sakde C.....!!!

True Words

KHUDA ne sapne me kaha,
Apane gamo ki yu numaish na kar,
Apne nasib ki yu azmaish na kar,
Jo tera hai tere dar par khud aayega,
Roz-roz usse paane ki khawaish na kar....!!!

Its A Fact

When you are happy you want to reach the person you love most...


When you are sad you want to reach the person who loves you the most...!!!

Santa Cleverness

Santa was giving railway interview:
Interviewer- What to do to avoid train accidents?
Santa answers Speed breaker should be made on railway tracks
Ha ha ha ha

Today's Quote

Life is like Piano, white keys are for happy movements and black are for sad movements, but remember always When both keys are played together then give a sweet music called life

Joke of the day

Why 3 idiots is a super hit movie but not a super duper hit movie ??
Ans :- Because kareena ne 1 baar bhi nahi bola ki "Jahanpana Tusi great ho tohfa kabool karo"

Joke of the day

Santa Found Cigarette in Daughter's Room then think OH GOD she smokes?
after searching more Found Wine then again think OH GOD she drinks?
Then he saw a boy in his room and ask THANK GOD to ye sab es ladke ka hai :)))))

Happy Lohri

Meethe gud me mil gya til, Udi patang aur khil gya dil.
Sweet jayada aur namkeen thodi, Wish you a very happy Lohri.

Joke of the Day

Santa to his Wife on Suhaag Raat

Soniye teinu apne 2 bullan naal kujh kar k dikhavan??

Wife - haaye main mar javan, kro ji....

Santa - BurrrrBurrrrBurrraaaaaaaaaaaaa :))))))))


Treat Everyone With LOVE, Even Those Who Are Rude to You.
Not Because They Are Not Nice, But Because YOU Are Nice...!!!

A True Friend

A True Friend Irritates When U Say I M SAD,
Laughs When U Say I M SORRY,
Smiles When U Say MISS U,
N Kicks When U Say I M BUZY.........

Height of Technical Overdose ?

A computer software engineer falling from the roof of a multi-story building & shouting F1 F1 instead of help...help... :))))

Funny Joke

Boy: Chalte Chalte Yuhi Ruk Jaata Hu Mai,
Baithe Baithe Kahin Kho Jaata Hu Mai,
Kya Yehi Pyar Hai ???

Girl: Nahi Ye Kamzori Hai,
Subah-Sham GLUCOSE Piya Kro :)))))))))

Joke of the Day

Santa free ghoom rha tha..

Banta: Kya baat aise kyu ghoom rhe ho?
Santa: Yar waqt ne mujhe barbaad kar diya aur ab mai waqt ko barbaad kar rha hu :)))))

Today Quote

Silence Between Two Unknown Peoples Creates a Relation...


Silence Between Two Known Peoples Breaks the Relation...

Joke of the Day

Santa Mirror Vich Dekhke Kehda


fer thodi der soochke kehda


Eh ta ohi Kanjar hai jo mere Viyah di album vich meri vahuti naal khada C

Joke Of the day

"No candle looses it's light while lighting another candle"
So never STOP showing answers in exams to your friends

"Student Welfare committee"

Funny Joke

Teacher to Student : Four beautiful girls are walking on the road. Change it to exclamatory sentence.

Student: WOW ! :))))


Hum Kha Jayege Dard-e-Dil ki Dwa ke Liye
Khud se Juda na Kro Hume Khuda ke Liye
Ajeeb Baat Khi Usne Juda Hote Waqt
Koi Aur Dhund Lo Waffa ke Liye..........!!!

Joke of the day

Love Story Of an Engineer:
Main B.tech Main tha, wo BBA main thi ,
Main B.tech main tha wo MBA main thi ,
Main B.tech main that wo P.H.D main thi,
aaj uski shadi hai aur mera
Back ka paper hai.

Ha ha ha ha

Joke of the day

Ek chuhey ne ek pura suit kutar ke kha liya magar wo phir bhi bhukh se mar gaya kyunki wo suit malika sheravat ka tha...........

Smartness of boys

College ka first day

Boy to Girl: Tumhara naam kya hai?
Girl Reply: Mujhe sab didi kehte hai..:)

Boy: Wow...What a Coincidence mujhe sab Jija ji kehte hai :)))))))

Best Moments

10 Best Moments in life :

1) Giving the 1st month salary to parents with care
2) Thinking about your 1st love with tears
3) Looking at old photos n smiling
4) Thinking about your past school & college days
5) A sweet & emotional chatting with friends
6) Found money in old dress just when you needed
7) Holding hands with your loved one 4 a walk
8) Getting a hug from the one who cares 4 you
9) 1st kiss 2 your child when he/she is born
10) The moments your eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh


Hi Friends,
Hope you are fine. Today , i am going to present my views on the topic which is very soft as well as very hard. It is soft for those people who got fruitful results and hard for those who got betrayal.It is only love which creates a beautiful atmosphere on this earth. Love is present in every kind , it is not a narrow river rather it is an ocean. Love for nature, love for nation, love for parents, love for children, love for teachers, love for animals etc.etc. Some people think that love can take place only one time and that too in teenage. We often see many live examples where a boy seduces a girl saying"MAIN PEHLI HI NAZAR MIE TUMSE PYAAR KAR BAITHA", "MAIN TUMHARE BINA AB JI NAHI SAKTA" BLA BLA BLA BLA. For example in college life Many students express their love for their opposite sex. But actually these feelings are not out of love. They just got attracted to the outer beauty only. Today, love has lost it's meaning. In present times, the eligibilities for love are: having beautifull face , good height , good figure , intelligence , pretty looks , and money also. Past times has seen inumerable love pairs: Sassi -Punnu , Heer-Ranjha, Sohni-Mahival , Dhola-Maru , Romieo-Juliet. In those times, they used to die in love , they challenged the social inflictions on them. Their victory was to meet in love and if defeated to meet death. But todays love, survives only for few days. Their victory is to meet in bed and if defeated to look for another body ...............................................................

Dedicated to My Love